Choosing a spot between education and emotion.

With billions of sites on the web, where does your site sit? Here at RMG we always ask that very same question. Is your site educational or emotional? On the surface it’s a vague question and gets understandably vague answers and shrugs. But finding the answer to that question can dictate not just the message of your site, but the look, feel, direction, copy style, usability everything.

How to find the sweet spot.

So how do you get there? Think of a line. At one end is pure emotion. Sites for films, music, artwork sit here. Their there to build an emotional response for the user. Take the example of a film site. Education is secondary, after all they don’t want to give too much away. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got educational. Government and banking sites are great examples, they are there to serve a purpose with very little need for an emotional response.

Selling a Product

If you’re selling a product most sites sit largely in the middle. But where it sits is largely down to the product. The user needs to be taught about the product they are buying. However, a different product may need more explanation. An emotional response is also important to the user if they wish to buy your product. Again depending on the product this response varies. So an Armani Jacket will need a larger emotional response then a calculator for instance.

What Next?

So find your spot between emotional and educational. How does this effect your site? Well firstly, styling and design. Copy direction and the amount of copy will also be affected. Pretty much every facet of your websites direction can now be decided.