Here at Red Monkey Goo we had been talking about doing a free community project once a year for some time when finally we had a perfect opportunity to do so. The Brunswick Community Kindergarten is a community run kindergarten that has been running since 1924 by the parent community. When we were approached in passing about some guidance relating to a new web site they were planning, we decided what better way to start our community project run with something very close to home.

From the outset the site was primarily designed to provide prospective parents information regarding the kindergarten and also at keeping current parents up-to-date with events occurring at the kinder. We designed a mobile first, responsive site, built from our own MonkeyBones WordPress Boilerplate theme. We choose the 3 major breakpoints, mobile, tablet and desktop and created a clean, simple and elegant solution that presents the required content alongside images reflecting the caring, diverse, and unique nature of the kinder.

We were able to call upon the expertise of a number of the current parents in relation to the photography which made the project feel like a real joint venture, ensuring both parties were invested in a good outcome. The project itself took a little over a month to complete in calendar time from inception to go-live. In terms of man hours spent, we were able to achieve everything in under 50 hours of work, including design, development, testing, content integration, image manipulation and deployment. The work on the project was almost a 50-50 split between development tasks and design tasks. The initial feedback for the site has been very good.

So take a look and let us know what you think. If you have a worthy idea for our next community project next year, and preferably based in the Melbourne area, please send it through as we would love to take a look.

Red Monkey Goo’s community project 2014
Brunswick Kindergarten