Well it has been a few more weeks than anticipated since our last blog detailing our take on an e-commerce project from start to finish. All the normal reasons of course hold true as to why we hadn’t got the blog out. Busy, busy and busy. But also during this time we have been sitting down at the negotiations table (picture a quaint little table in a French coffee shop close by) working out the details of how MiBolsa (the bag people) teamed up with Red Monkey Goo.

A quick recap of the last month saw us finishing off the design to the clients’ satisfaction then beginning on the development work of the site. We choose to work with Magento for a number of reasons, mainly though we like it’s great set of features out of the box (for the client) and the manner in which it has been engineered (for the developers), using many best practices not necessary seem in everyday PHP e-commerce solutions. The final main reason of course is that we are well accustomed to working with Magento.

So once development had begun we found ourselves spending more time with the owners of MiBolsa (a small outfit) and noticed that the direction they were heading in was somewhere we had been giving a lot of thought to ourselves. In all honesty it was more of a ‘prolonged merger’ than any real negotiations taking place. One day (over those aforementioned coffees) we all just looked at each other and said why don’t we simply join forces and see where we can go with this. Two coffees later the details were hashed out, three coffees later we walked out (one of us shaking slightly from a little too much caffeine)

It is interesting to note that we at RMG had previously been creating an e-commerce site of our own as a adjunct from the main business but we were having trouble deciding in which direction to go and what type of product or service to offer. In the end (before we met with MiBolsa) we had determined that we specially wanted to do something fashion related but not necessarily clothing and with a product that we actually cared about and was proud of We wanted the site to be the epitome of ease of use the customer by removing anything unwarranted and simply trying to get ourselves out of the way of the buying process. We wanted the site to obviously be stylish and elegant like the products we were looking for. We wanted to have social media built in and simple to use but not overly glaring.

In the end we did indeed find the product we were looking for, it was just that a client had brought it to our attention in the first place!

So with that said, where to from here? Well the site is almost done, the product has arrived, and the product shots are being taken as we speak. The site will go-live in the first half of September and we will follow up this blog shortly with a blog about what went into the development side of the project and how we handled that.