So with a new site, comes a new philosophy. Going forward, all Red Monkey Goo’s new websites, be it our clients to our own in house projects, will be responsive by default. We see a lot of businesses still pushing this as a added extra. A nice to have. In this increasingly mobile world we believe it should be standard.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. New technologies, ideas, standards are always coming out. The web never stands still (it’s what makes our job so exciting!) When CSS was in its infancy, companies would charge a premium for a CSS built site. No business would dream of that now, it has become the standard. We see the same pattern emerging with responsive design.

Of course designing and building responsive sites takes a little bit longer. It’s still not perfect, and there are always those browser quirks that keep us awake at night. But with our rock steady frameworks, and our kick ass design and development teams, we limit the time and cost hit that responsive design used to give.

The negatives fall short of the long term positives that having a site built for multiple devices gives both us, and the client.

So next time you speak to us about your next big idea. Don’t worry if it’s built for desktop, iPad or even Ellen DeGeneres’s new Samsung. We’ve got that covered.