Well it has been quite a while since our last post so I wanted to quickly update everyone on what we have been working on and also talk a little bit about MonkeyBones our new boilerplate template/theme for any WordPress projects we undertake, and also an extension we have built for Magento that eases the Google Analytics/Visual Website Optimizer/Affiliates conversion tracking setup and configuration.

But firstly we have a couple of new clients we have been working with lately and we will be sure to get some case studies onto our project pages in the coming months. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome them aboard and we wish them every success.

On to the Magneto development side of things. After a number of Magento setups we found we were repeating a lot of the same processes in having to setup Google Analytics tracking, Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, Visual Website Optimizer (we are currently using this as our default website split testing tool) configuration and lastly a slew of shopping affiliate e-commerce tracking codes.

So to alleviate the setup of each of these systems each and every time, we built an extension that allows the site administrator to simply plugin in the required tracking ID or client ID in each of the respective fields and have analytics tracking and e-commerce tracking work out of the box for a number of different products. We are constantly adding new affiliates etc as we use them and we are looking at releasing the extension to the general public. Hopefully it will be of as much use to you as it has to us.

Some of you have been asking how Happiie is coming along (thanks to those first Alpha testers!) and we would just like to let you know what is happening. Happiie is being rebuilt from the ground up after we took a good look at the direction we wanted Happiie to take. And I am ‘happiie’ to say that the rebuild is finally coming to fruition. More news soon.

And on a final note we have been busy building out the aforementioned MonkeyBones (our boilerplate WordPress template/theme) and using it we created our new RMG website. MonkeyBones is built upon ZURB’s excellent Foundation 5 Framework and incorporates best practices and ideas/functionality from projects such as HTML5 Boilerplate, Normalize, Sass and of course all the goodness that Foundation 5 itself brings to the party.

MonkeyBones is a responsive, mobile first code base that leverages all of the power provided by Foundation 5 including their responsive grid, typography, buttons, navigation, forms, JS plugins etc all wrapped in a HTML5 boilerplate and using many of the great ideas that the Bones WordPress template introduced.

We have also decided to release it publicly, so hopefully it can help you in your WordPress projects. Go the MonkeyBones page and download it now.