A little while back we had a request for a ‘Sign Up Form’ for a new site that was to launch. The site itself was going to be a lesson in simplicity and clean design so we wanted to keep this theme going in the sign up form which would simply allow users to leave their email address for further information about the site launch date.

During development we decided to have a little bit of fun with the whole sign up form idea and allowed the user to stamp their name on the sign up form background, if they so desired of course. If the session was still available, the same for that which they used to stamp their name, the user could hover over their name stamp and remove it from the wall.

We gave the name stamp a little CSS3 love, just some basic rotations and brought the colour back to a little grey so they weren’t overwhelming.

In the end we didn’t even end up using the page stamp functionality, but we thought you might enjoy taking a look, so we have made a version of the sign up form available in the RMG Labs.