Brunswick Kindergarten is a community run kindergarten in Brunswick, Melbourne. Their website is the first of our yearly community projects that we have completed!



The brief.

As our first community project, Brunswick Community Kindergarten approached us regarding a new site for their community run kindergarten in Brunswick.

The emphasis for the design of the site was always going to be on the photography. They wanted large images throughout showing the kindergarten and the children at play.

The main objectives of the site were to present information to prospective parents about the philosophy behind the kindergarten, the programs offered and information regarding enrollments.

The solution.

The new site reflected the spirit of community and the atmosphere of learning at the kindergarten by using photos of the children at play and presenting the information to prospective parents regarding the kindergarten in a clean and simple way. Styling was kept simple with icons for key points and messages, design was kept to a minimum.

Information specific to the program and upcoming enrollments is presented along with history regarding the kindergarten and a number of testimonials from current parents.

The site itself is responsive and lends itself to browsing on mobile devices with its clean and accessible layout.

What the client thought.

Early results and feedback have been very encouraging. Prospective and current parents have expressed their pleasure at seeing the new site better reflecting the atmosphere and community built around the kindergarten.

Analytics have been equally impressive, with very low bounce rates across the site and an excellent conversion rate seeing many more queries regarding enrollments for the upcoming year.

We are very much looking forward to our next community project in the coming year. Thanks to all the parents who offered their services throughout the project.

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