Well, it’s a place where you can tell the world how happy you are (or aren’t) and view the worlds happiness as well.

The problem.

The idea for Happiie first originated whilst we were working on an idea for an application that could define broad problems people were facing as a group (proposed by the group itself) and subsequently how to address and eventually solve them. We wanted a environment where users could suggest problems, people could vote on those problems and then as a group attempt to find workable solutions to them, at which stage the community again voted to determine a course of action.

Out of this came the idea of then measuring peoples relative happiness (agreement/disagreement) with those problems and solutions and then finally simply measuring peoples happiness itself along with any demographic information provided and using this as a base to provide interesting and hopefully, ultimately useful information based on that.

The solution.

There were two main paths we initially looked at in regards to bringing Happiie to life. One was an iPhone/Android application and the other a web application. We decided to develop a web application in Closed Beta with a limited invite as we gradually added functionality and measured peoples response to the idea.

Our first initial Closed Beta (and Alpha) focused mainly on the voting system itself and a graphical way to shows those results. As this would be one of the main interaction points to the application, before the more complicated problem/solution voting system was developed we wanted to get it out and gauge peoples response.

What we thought.

The Closed Beta has been well received and now we are hard at work on really fleshing out all the functionality we wanted in the initial release of Happiie and making it the community driven problem solving environment we originally dreamed of. We will be sure to keep you updated and would love to hear any feedback you have in regards to the project.

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