Can the collective consciousness affect a sporting outcome? Do the majority know the score? With Twedict we’re testing that theory.

The problem.

We wanted to something a little fun. A little social. And preferably about football (soccer)! At the time we were developing some twitter functionality for a client site and we happened upon the idea of using Twitter to see if we could gauge the feeling toward upcoming football matches.

It needed to be simple, clean, actually work and be a bit of fun. And Twedict is what we came up with.

The solution.

We developed a simple web application that allowed the used to enter any two football teams (Home and Away) then by using Twitter tweets we used a basic algorithm to attempt to determine what the overall feeling (positive or negative) in varying degrees was for that upcoming match and predict a result. We had to limit the possible upcoming matches in the initial stage to only English Premier League upcoming fixtures so we had a larger and more consistent sample to work with.

What we thought.

Overall we were very happy with the result and we are currently refining the work on the way in which we attempt to gauge the ‘collective consciousness’ of Twitter to better guess the outcome of the game and add more leagues before releasing Twedict into the wild.

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